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Villa Pereire wines are Brilliant in Nature

When things are brilliant in nature, they are composed of inherent qualities that give them brilliance in their character and personality.

In addition to creating wines that are clean and fresh in style from some of the most desirable regions in France, Villa Pereire embodies brilliance in nature by devoting resources to maintain the natural beauty of our planet.

Villa Pereire is endearingly referred to as “L’Éclat”, or “brilliance” in French.  These wines are inspired by a special place – Pereire Beach in Arcachon Bay, 30 minutes outside of Bordeaux.

Our Wines

Wines of exceptional quality and old-world charm from Bordeaux and the Rhône Valley.

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Bordeaux Blanc

2021 Bordeaux Blanc, AOC

Barrel Aged

Our Bordeaux Blanc is from the rocky, well-drained soils of Bordeaux, France. It has brilliant mineral and citrus notes with supple, toasty oak complexity. An extremely food-friendly wine, yet this versatile quaff is also enjoyable on its own.

Pair with fresh seafood, creamy white sauces and herbed grilled vegetables.

Bordeaux sits at almost 45 degrees north of the equator with 2050 hours of sunshine – this can be thought of as the dividing line between warm and cooler climates.

Bordeaux Blanc NV bottle shot
Bordeaux no-vintage bottle shot


2020 Bordeaux, AOC

Our Bordeaux is from the low-lying gravely hills of the Garonne riverbanks in France. It is here where sandy-pebbly, well-drained soils stress the vines creating small, concentrated berries which add intensity to the flavors. This magnificent, full-bodied Bordeaux offers savory notes of graphite, black currant, black cherry and tobacco supported by firm and balanced tannins. The finish is long and velvety.

Bordeaux sits at almost 45 degrees north of the equator with 2050 hours of sunshine – this can be thought of as the dividing line between warm and cooler climates.

Villa Pereire Cotes du Rhone no vintage beauty shot

Côtes du Rhône

Côtes du Rhône 2021, AOC

Our Red Blend is from the Côtes du Rhône region of southern of France and is a lovely, medium-bodied wine that includes Grenache and Syrah. These varieties harmoniously meld together with notes of raspberry, lavender, fig, blackberry, dried herbs and cured meat on the nose and tongue. The finish is soft and supple.

Pair with grilled eggplant, charcuterie, and rack of lamb.

The Rhône Valley was created during the last ice age as the Rhône Glacier carved its way south through what is now France. Today, the Rhône River begins in the Alps and meanders for 505 miles to the Mediterranean Sea.

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Why Villa Pereire

Villa Pereire gives 1% to support clean beaches and waterways.

Villa Pereire wines are hand-selected from France’s prestigious Bordeaux and Rhône Valley regions.

Our wines are clean, fresh, and refined with old-world finesse. They are a reflection of our commitment to quality and the pursuit of excellence.

At Villa Pereire, we prioritize working with family-owned producers who are committed to harvesting grapes at the perfect ripeness and hand-crafting exceptional quality wines from premier, small lots, ensuring that each wine is a true reflection of its terroir and the winemaker’s expertise. Adherence to these strict selection criteria has earned us a reputation for excellence.

Villa Pereire is owned and imported by C. Mondavi & Family and our wines are overseen by our winemaking team.

French Regions

Bordeaux Facts

  • Wine styles are elegant with intense flavors
  • Bordeaux is along the path of three important rivers – Gironde and the two rivers that feed it – Dordogne and the Garonne, and is located halfway between the North Pole and the equator
  • The rivers and the Atlantic (warmed by the Gulf Stream) temper the climate providing a more stable environment
  • Known for producing complex, age worthy wines from thousands of growers and several top-class estates
  • 80 percent of wine from Bordeaux is red wine
  • Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are the primary grapes, also grown there are Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Petit Verdot

Rhône Valley Facts

  • Rhône blends have cherry and raspberry notes with structure and acidity
  • The Rhône Valley is southeast France and divided into two parts, Northern and Southern Rhône
  • Syrah is the sole red grape in the north
  • Southern Rhône reds are usually blends dominated by Grenache and Mourvèdre
  • Climate in Southern Rhône is part of the sunny, herb-scented, lavender-strewn olive growing Mediterranean.  Hot days are pierced by le mistral, the cold wind that blows down from the Alps and through the valley
  • Soil in Southern Rhône is primarily clay, sandy limestone, gravel or stones