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Discovering the Rhone Valley: The Best 6 Places for Picnic Wines

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Days spent in the Rhone Valley are all about discovery. One of the most beautiful wine regions in Southern France, the Rhone Valley’s stunning vineyards, ideal climate, and Mediterranean influence are a dream for visitors and locals alike. To spend a day in the Rhone Valley is to enjoy one of the best areas of France, and the perfect pairing of gorgeous locale and picnic wines make for a truly unforgettable experience.

Make the most of your time in the Rhone Valley by getting out in the sunshine and enjoying all that this gorgeous French-Mediterranean paradise has to offer. Wondering how to craft the perfect Rhone Valley day? Read on for our top suggestions on enjoying the best picnic wines and local experiences of the area.

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What Are Picnic Wines?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret – at the end of the day, you can bring any wine you like to a picnic. The best wines will always be the ones that you enjoy the most, so bringing your favorite bottle along is sure to make any picnic experience a good one.

That being said, certain wines are traditionally a better fit for picnics. Picnics generally feature light fare such as salads, sandwiches, cheese, fruit, and other warm-weather foods. As such, wines that pair well with these dishes are often thought of as picnic wines – Sauvignon Blanc, sparkling rosé, or Riesling.

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The Best Places in the Rhone Valley to Enjoy Picnic Wines

When spending time in the Rhone Valley, we always recommend taking the time to fully explore and see all that the area has to offer. The Rhone Valley is filled with hidden gems, so no matter how many times you’ve visited, you’re sure to find a new spot that takes your breath away. Whether you’ve visited many times before or are experiencing the valley for the first time, here are a few of our favorite spots to enjoy picnic wines.

Belvédère de Pierre Aiguille

For stunning 360° views of the Rhône river, Alps, and surrounding land, Belvédère de Pierre Aiguille is an ideal spot to bring a picnic and take in the beauty of the area. Nearby parking makes this location a great spot for families with children or grandparents looking for a option that can be accessed without too much of a walk.

Lake Meinettes

Just twenty minutes away from the Rhone River, Lake Meinettes is a beautiful spot for a wine picnic by the water. Picnic tables are conveniently located in the shade, so if you prefer your outdoor dining to not take place directly on the ground, you’re taken care of. After your meal, feel free to walk the path around the lake to stretch your legs and enjoy the area’s beauty.

Grand Parc Miribel Jonage

The Grand Parc Miribel Jonage is one of the most popular parks in the area. This gorgeous park and nature preserve is huge – over 2200 hectares – so don’t expect to see everything in one day. Instead, take your pick of areas to explore. Do you want to picnic by the water, or explore one of the beautiful trails and enjoy your food and wine in the peace and quiet of the trees? The views are stunning, but be warned – because the park is so popular, it can get crowded, especially in the summer months, so if you plan to visit, go early enough to get a good spot.

Carrieres de Glay

The Carrieres de Glay are a picnic lover’s dream. This historic geological site was once a limestone extraction site, supplying the region with materials for over five centuries. Now, it’s open to the public to explore and experience. The old quarries are fascinating to witness for yourself, and the unique area offers incredible insight to the history of the Rhône Valley. With walking trails to tour the site and copious picnic space, it’s the perfect spot to visit.

Île de la Barthelasse

Europe’s largest river island, the Île de la Barthelasse is a gorgeous spot for a riverfront picnic, starring your favorite picnic wines. Relax in the shade of century-old trees, stroll the banks, and explore the nearby tower and fortress. The ferry between the city and the island is free and runs every fifteen minutes, so you can easily access the island all day long for your picnic excursion.

Parc de la Tete d’Or

For a breath of escape in the midst of urban life, visit the Parc de la Tête d’Or. Beautifully manicured yet still featuring true natural beauty, this park is a perfect choice if you’re looking to enjoy a wine picnic on the green space while being conveniently located next to fun activities. Boat on the park’s lake in the summer, visit the zoo, or play a round of mini golf before going about the rest of your day.

Rhone Valley Wine Tour With Picnic

If planning every detail of your trip is becoming a source of stress, let someone else take the reins. This wine tasting tour allows you to visit vineyards and wineries near Mont Ventoux, Tavel, and Châteauneuf-du-Pape, with a picnic stop halfway through the day. Guided tours are perfect if you’re hoping to learn from an expert about the Rhone Valley in greater detail.

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FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Picnic Wines

Wondering about the best picnic wines to bring for your next outdoor wine tasting with friends? Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What should I expect from an outdoor wine tasting?

An outdoor wine tasting is the ideal way to enjoy Rhone Valley wines. Expect to enjoy the best local wines in the environment they were intended for – warm, sunlit days with fresh air, beautiful scenery, and the ones you love.

What food should I serve with a picnic wine?

Picnic wines are generally best suited to standard picnic foods – sandwiches, salads, pasta salads, fruit, and cheese. However, if you want to go for something a little less traditional, simply choose a wine that best pairs with the food you plan to bring on your picnic. Any wine can be a picnic wine if you want it to be!

What makes Rhone Valley wines great?

Rhone Valley wines are rounded, warm, and gorgeously ripe. They range from simple and light to deeply complex, and have fantastic aging potential.

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Villa Pereire: Picnic Wines That Are Brilliant in Nature

At Villa Pereire, we believe in crafting wines that are brilliant in nature: a reflection of the stunning places that birthed and inspired them. Our picnic wines are best enjoyed surrounded by the peace and natural beauty of our planet, whether by the sea, amidst the trees, or on a mountainside. We’re committed to maintaining the earth’s beauty, and both enjoying and celebrating it each and every day.