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Guide to Bordeaux Wine & Cuisine

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One of the most famous wine regions in France, there are few places in the world more renowned for their wine and cuisine than Bordeaux. The area is a treasure trove of culinary delight, drawing visitors from far and wide to experience the array of rich flavors. Fine wine is a staple in local Bordeaux culture, and no meal is complete without the perfect pairing.

Whether you’re planning an upcoming French adventure or simply want to bring a touch of Bordeaux to your everyday life, read on for our ultimate guide to the best food and wine Bordeaux has to offer.

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The Master Guide to Bordeaux Wine and Cuisine

The rich culinary history of Bordeaux goes back centuries. A major port city, coastal influence is woven into every aspect of the area, including the culinary classics. Expect to enjoy world-class seafood when dining in Bordeaux – but that’s not all they have to offer.

Bordeaux is also known for their exceptional meat, with iconic dishes centered around lamb, duck, beef, and chicken making their way onto most menus. As a port city, historical Bordeaux also had ample access to the best spices in the world, resulting in flavorful recipes that are still beloved today.

What Is it Like to Dine in Bordeaux?

Dining in Bordeaux is not an event to be rushed – it’s an experience to be savored. The area’s gorgeous climate lends to a vibrant outdoor dining scene, and there’s simply nothing like enjoying an incredible French meal in the open air. Dining in one of the city’s beautiful plazas is a must while you’re in Bordeaux, or enjoy a quieter moment with a meal on one of the many charming side streets.

If you’re attempting to bring a touch of Bordeaux home with you, consider taking your own meal outdoors. While it might not be the same as relishing the fresh coastal air, dining outdoors adds a layer of peace and escape that is very French.

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Bordeaux Wine & Cheese Pairings

Few things feel more instantly French than wine and cheese. Bordeaux is known for having the best of both, and a proper wine and cheese pairing in Bordeaux is unmatched. It’s the perfect start to your introduction to the cuisine.

While in Bordeaux, it is always best to consult with local experts who will be sure to guide you to the best pairings available. However, if you are crafting your own Bordeaux-inspired menu, here are a few of our favorite pairing options:

  • Brie and Bordeaux
  • Goat Cheese and Bordeaux Blanc
  • Saint Albray and Bordeaux
  • Sharp Cheddar and Bordeaux Blanc

If you plan to host, consider crafting a cheese board for guests to taste different pairings for themselves.

Bordeaux Sauce

A staple of Bordeaux cuisine is the iconic Bordeaux sauce. Traditionally served with steak, Bordeaux sauce is a wine-forward sauce crafted with dry red wine and shallots. It’s impossible to experience the full scope of the area’s cuisine without incorporating Bordeaux sauce into your repertoire.

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Amidst the many entrées that make up the delicious cuisine of Bordeaux, there are a few staples that stand out. Here are a few of our favorite entrées and wine pairings – and if you’re lucky enough to visit Bordeaux for yourself, be sure to stop by L’Entrecôte for the best steak and fries around. Served with their signature sauce, there’s always a line for a table!

Oysters & Mussels

Seafood is a hallmark of Bordeaux cuisine. Fresh oysters and mussels are never in short supply, and the area’s offerings are known as some of the best in the world. Oysters and mussels are a classic choice when indulging in the food of Bordeaux, and pair perfectly with a glass of Bordeaux Blanc.

Les Cépes en Persillade

Mushrooms are another staple of menus across Bordeaux. The perfect choice for the vegetarian looking to enjoy the best of local cuisine, les cépes en persillade features pan-fried porcini mushrooms with fresh parsley. This classic autumn dish is warm and savory, with a great nutty flavor, and pairs beautifully with Bordeaux.


Risotto is a classic comfort food, deliciously creamy and easily adapted to many different palates. It can be served on its own or with a primary protein, such as red meat or chicken, lending itself to a wide variety of occasions. It can be served with Bordeaux or Bordeaux Blanc.

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What meal is complete without dessert? You can’t experience the best of Bordeaux cuisine without making a delicious French dessert the cherry on top of the event.


The most iconic dessert of Bordeaux, a canelé is a small but rich cake that’s caramelized on the outside with luscious custard on the inside. Generally flavored with rum or vanilla, these exquisite cakes are quite difficult to make, meaning that you probably won’t experience them properly anywhere else in the world. Our recommendation? Always order seconds.


While you are probably familiar with macarons, what you may not know is that they originate from the Bordeaux region. Originally crafted by Saint-Émilion nuns, a classic macaron is a light and sweet treat, perfect for finishing off an incredible meal.

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Enjoy the Best Bordeaux Wine Varietals with Villa Pereire

No endeavor into Bordeaux wine and cuisine is complete without world-class Bordeaux wine varietals. Made with exceptional quality and filled with old-world charm, Villa Pereire’s wines serve as a portal to an unmatched dining experience.

As you craft your perfect Bordeaux-inspired meal, let Villa Pereire whisk you away to coastal wonder one sip at a time.